Wilderness Equipment and Adventures by Canoe


Canoe Expeditions

The Canoe

The Canadian canoe is a unique form of transport. Powered by paddle alone it is equally at home on white water river, lake, sea loch or along the coast.

It can be paddled solo or tandem and will comfortably carry you and all you need for a comfortable wilderness adventure. It will take you far off the beaten track and at a speed that allows you to appreciate the natural world. It is also light enough to carry over the portage trail when crossing watersheds or avoiding rapids.

The canoe also provides us with a broad spectrum of experiences from a laid back journey where the pressures of work dissolve and we take time to reconnect with ourselves and the natural world, right through to achieving a team challenge and, of course, everything in between.

Expedition Themes

Before deciding on the venue it is essential that the group have an agreed focus for the trip to avoid dissapointment. So the first consideration is:

“What do we want to get out of the journey”.

Is it Team Building? Or is it Team Bonding? Is it a trip for photographers / painters? Do we want to watch wildlife / birds? Can we learn about and practise our bushcraft?

Here are some ideas:

A Journey - Good examples would include:

  • A quiet amble down the Thames, camping near pubs along the way

  • The Great Glen, a voyage from Irish Sea to North Sea right across Scotland

  • Bonnie Prince Charlie’s escape route to the sea via Loch Shiel, river Shiel and Loch Moidart.

  • Crossing Rannoch Moor by paddle and portage

An Exploration - The Swedish Lakes, The Finnish Lakes or Rivers:

Loch Shiel
The Swedish Lakes


A River Descent - a moving water trip such as: 

The River Spey
The 'Washing Machine'

A Training Trip - canoe craft, wilderness skills or corporate work

A paddle out to a suitable base camp and there improve or learn a new skill set, whether it be canoecraft, bushcraft, or wilderness living.


Any of these themes can be adapted to “team building” or “team bonding” to weld the group as each individual rises to the meaningful, real time challenges of logistics, navigation, group dynamics and leadership along the journey.

Once you have decided the theme and location for your canoe journey then it can be tailor-made to suit your needs and be as strenuous, laid back, intense or moodling as desired. The canoe will fit in with whatever you decide.