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Jed Yarnold

Hi, I’m Jed and True North is my company. As a bit of background, I’ve worked in forestry, in the National Park as a Ranger and have travelled extensively during a long military career.

I’m a keen and experienced outdoorsman, coach and wilderness canoeist and have led and taken part in expeditions in Canada, America, Europe and S E Asia. However some of the most rewarding and fun trips have been on week long expeditions in the UK exploring the rivers, lakes, and lochs.

The abiding theme on these adventures is my love of the outdoors, a fascination for the natural world, and an avid enthusiasm for traditional ‘low tech’ skills, canoeing, wilderness living, bushcraft and survival.

Jed Yarnold (01993) 822954 or 07904 144546. 
Email: jed@truenorthoutdoor.co.uk

Colin Broadway

Colin is a committed adventurer and canoe and kayak coach. In fact he was right there at the beginning introducing open canoeing into the UK: helping the BCU devise the open canoe syllabus and running his company Mobile Adventure to teach the noble art and sell canoes in UK and Europe.

In fact he’s been all over the world with the sport: Russia, Scandinavia, Australia, and Europe and introduced it in India doing some prodigious first descents, as well as training their Olympic team. He’s competed and came second in the 800 mile Arctic Canoe race, and won both the Devizes to Westminster and the Liffey descent on several occasions. Today he coaches and assesses and is involved in the BCU transition to the new coaching scheme.

If you’re lucky enough to have him on your expedition you’ll also realise that racing is for another time and place. Canoe journeys, in Colin’s eyes, are also for leisurely reflection and indulging his other major passion, gourmet cooking.

Mark Dewhurst

Mark's promising early career as a school teacher was cut short when he realised that being in a classroom made him miserable. Fortunately, he had more success with young people who didn't much want to be in school either. Mark ran a hostel for homeless young people for several years and then moved on to develop a variety of projects for young folk on the margins of society, including those excluded from school, young offenders and homeless groups.

As a canoe and kayak coach, Mark has continued to specialise in projects for vulnerable and, to be honest, challenging, youngsters. Alongside this, however, he has discovered the joys of working with motivated groups and individuals who are hardly grumpy at all! Coaching and supporting adults to achieve personal and group goals has provided him with a new and exciting focus.

Besides canoe coaching for the sheer joy and beauty of the thing, Mark is particularly interested in outdoor living and expeditions. He has recently qualified as a Forest School leader and is developing a range of outdoor courses combining woodland and river skills.


Hailing from the west-country "Woody", as he is known to friends and family, has spent all his working life travelling the world, working with, and learning from many of its first nations.

His passion for travel and bushcraft has taken him to all the continents of the world with the exception of Antarctica. He has over 28 years of expeditionary experience having researched, planned and participated in expeditions to some of the planet's most remote regions.

Supporting this experience Woody has many instructor level qualifications. These include cross-country ski instructor, several professional International Tracking Instructor qualifications and he is also trained to paramedic level. Prior to establishing Bushcraft Expeditions Woody worked as course director and instructor for television personality 'Ray Mears'.

Despite this wanderlust and thirst for adventure his passion is for bushcraft and the survival skills of indigenous peoples, a subject about which he is the first to say “you never stop learning” and a subject he takes great pride and pleasure in passing on to others. Woody’s website is www.bushcraftexpeditions.com

David Goodworth

David has turned his hand and mind to some fascinating occupations. Over his varied life he has been involved in practising complementary therapies, events organising and even gold mining before turning his full attention to his company, Frontiers, in 2004. He has travelled and studied in India, South America, Australia, Canada and Europe.

He co-founded the alternative education centre Frontiers, which aims to teach a wide set of outdoor skills to the young and the not so young, families and corporate groups. Frontiers also teaches life skills to disenchanted young people on their New Horizons programme.

David’s main teaching focus is bushcraft and survival skills, archery, first aid and canoeing. His Email address is: contact@frontiers.uk.net


Richie Jones

Apart from kayaking and canoeing on everything from placid ponds to white water, since the age of 11, Richie is also a keen mountain biker and backwoodsman. Trained in photography he has travelled to Canada, the USA, Peru and all over Europe.

He is a committed enthusiast for primitive skills and was one of the founding members of Bushcraft UK. He is currently a moderator on the BCUK Forum. At present he is heavily involved with the Frontiers, New Horizons programme teaching disaffected youngsters a range of subjects from wilderness living to car mechanics and life skills.

Richie freely admits that he is a “Jack of all trades” but would probably define himself as a canoeing, mountain biking bushcraft-er who likes to shift pianos in his spare time.